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Baltic Cruise – Minster of Doberan

Doberaner Münster (Minster of Doberan)

Bad Doberan
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern  Germany

The Minster of Doberan, was originally a Cistercian abbey that was fully established in 1368. The abbey itself, is located in northeastern Germany. This is the first abbey in Mecklenburg and was founded in 1171. The abbey was also used as the burial site for the regional rulers of the Nicholan Dynasty, was important both politically and historically. It became the center of Christianity for the region. The architecture and furnishings of the Minster have largely been spared from the ravages of war and pillaging over the centuries. No other Cistercian abbey in Europe has this much of its original interior still intact, such as the monumental cross altar and the sculpted tombs of Dukes and Duchesses and other royals. The main altar is the oldest wing-altar in art history. Even after the reformation and the closing of the abbey in 1552, the church continued to serve as a pantheon for the deceased rulers of Mecklenburg, as well as the regular place of worship for an Evangelical-Lutheran congregation. The government of the state in which it is located has issued a public declaration regarding the preservation of historic building: “The Minster in Bad Doberan is considered the most important medieval building in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, the best example of medieval creativity put in practice, and it is a building of the highest technical and artistic perfection.” ~ This abbey is indeed a unique monument in the coastal region of Germany along the Baltic Sea. (original author J T Demitz) Photographs supplied by KennethAllenPhoto.

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