My better half and I visited Scotland in October of 2009 and got to spend a whole month there. We had an opportunity to see lots of castles so I want to share them with you.

Dunstaffnage castle was first built-in the 6th century by the Kings of Dalriada when they migrated from Ireland to Scotland. Rumours say that the Stone of Destiny, which played a key role in the crowning ceremony of the Scottish kings until about 1292, was kept here. In 1249 the castle of Dunstaffnage was to be the first target of King Alexander II in his attempt to take the Hebrides from Norwegian rule. Unfortunately he died under rather mysterious circumstances on the island of Kerrera just outside Oban Bay before he could make his attack. In 1470 the building and grounds became property of the first Earl of Argyll, Colin Campbell, and remained in the family ever since. In 1685 the castle burned down, garrisoned by government troops in 1745, served as a temporary prison for Flora McDonald, when she was arrested after assisting Prince Charlie in his attempt to flee the prison in 1746. The castle underwent several modifications and additions, and the courtyard buildings remained occupied until the 1800s.

All images are HDR and were created in Photomatix Pro and touched up in Photoshop.


Comments on: "Castle of the Week – Dunstaffnage Castle" (2)

  1. Ken, love the blog and the photos. Ella Kate in the pumkin patch – megga!!!

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